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Our Facilities

Our team of highly skilled technicians, latest equipment and modern bodyshop in Basingstoke ensure all vehicle repairs are completed to the highest of standards.

Manufacturer Vehicle Accident Repair Facility Basingstoke

Our Manufacturer Approved vehicle repair facilities in Basingstoke, Hampshire has the equipment, tools and skilled expertise to ensure your vehicle is returned to you in its pre accident condition.

We continually invest in the latest vehicle accident repair equipment and technology allowing us to professionally diagnose, adjust and replace to manufacturers tolerances.  

Our 15,000 sq foot Basingstoke bodyshop includes high quality straightening and measuring apparatus to ensure correct steering, suspension and chassis alignment, including 2 central spray booths for efficient workflow, 2 drive through ovens and the latest technology drying facilities, enabling us to harden and cure paintwork to manufacturer's specifications.

Manufacturer Vehicle Accident Repair Facility Basingstoke
Structural Aluminium Repair Basingstoke

Structural Aluminium Repair Basingstoke

R&R Autos Bodyshop have heavily invested in a dedicated aluminium vehicle repair facility that is specified to prestige manufacturer standards, including its own dedicated tooling, which enables us to undertake high-tech structural repair work on vehicles that use this lightweight aluminium in their construction, a unique first for the Surrey, Hampshire area.

Our state of the art bodyshop in Basingstoke and highly trained aluminium technicians allow us to carry out expert structural accident repairs on all makes of prestige vehicles that have aluminium shells and bodies.



We are Carbon Neutral

R&R Autos Bodyshop are pleased to announce that the organisation has achieved carbon neutrality in accordance with PAS 2060. PAS 2060 is an internationally recognised standard allowing businesses to demonstrate credible and accurate declarations of carbon neutrality, working in partnership with energy and carbon experts – ECA Business Energy.

Achieving carbon neutrality further demonstrates the commitment to our customers and supply chain, on our journey to sustainability.

We are Carbon Neutral

reducing emissions

Environmental Bodyshop Facility

All work is carried out using environmentally friendly solvent-free or low-solvent paints from Spies Hecker, Europe’s leading supplier of automotive paint finishing products, which ensures an original manufacturers’ approved colour and finish that lasts.

R&R Autos Bodyshop only use licensed carriers for waste, that are government regulated and who use environmentally sound policies of recycling and disposal at our Basingstoke bodyshop facility.

We are committed to reducing emissions and use water-based paint technology at our Basingstoke bodyshop facility, alongside the latest energy saving SMART repair practices, such as UV primers and quick drying paint, enabling us significantly speed up the curing process and minimise the release of harmful vapours into the atmosphere. 

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